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. he could spot if you're not really measuring up, not giving your all. >> america's new ambassador of britain, joseph b. kennedy's arrival. >> when my father's ambassadorship was announced, it was an extraordinary experience. even for a very young member of the family. >> excited? why edward's speechless. >> one of the most outstanding memories was the trip over to london. i can remember having a very warm sense of the feeling that people in great britain had for the members of the family. >> master teddy kennedy cut the tape which gave the public its own small section of the animal kingdom. >> i remember going to the opening of the london zoo. it was really a wonderful, wonderful zoo. i remember school, it was one of the first times i had fists with someone in my class. he was sorts of a bully and whether that was the ambassador's son. i said could i really fight back. he said go to it. the next day we went right at it. we had no thought at that time of the potential dangers of war. i had been sent home when the bombing really intensified in london. my father was a wonderful lette
family as also to that extended family that must probably include most of america. may i also add a word that we who were privileged to watch the very beautiful funeral mass this morning had to be touched by the wonderful part in that liturgy played by the younger generation of kennedys, the warm and very personal tribute in the eulogies of teddy's sons and even that of the president of the united states whose warmth and whose friendship for ted is obviously so powerful. that together with the splendid homily of father hession, ted's parish priest, made our farewell to senator kennedy unforgettable. i'm learning of his death last wednesday morning, tributes to his half century of leadership in american life and politics came from all over the globe. may i offer my own short one again. they called him the lion of the senate" and indeed, that is what he was. his raw and his zeal for what he believed made a difference in our nation's life. sometimes, of course, we who were his friends and had great affection for him would get mad at him when he roared at what we believed was the wrong side
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2